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The Journal of Forensic Vocationology (J of FV) can be downloaded from this site. This Journal provides documentation regarding reliabity, validity, and error estimate for income and wage loss predictions.

MVQS Products 2017


McCroskey Vocational Quotient System (MVQS) MTSP, Volcano and VDARE Programs (McCroskey, 2017) The McCroskey Vocational Quotient System 2017 (MVQS2017 ; McCroskey, 2017) is the most comprehensive, up-to-date and powerful Job-Person Matching System available in the US and Canada.
VDARE 2017 excludes all O*Net Elements.

MVQS2017 contains written Job Descriptions with updated Encyclopedia of Job Requirements (EOJR 2017) Job Demand Profiles for 12,975 Jobs. USDOL SOC/Groups were revised in May 2010. These 797 USDOL SOC Code Wage groups have been added. MVQS2014 is in a Windows™ Access™ 2000-based seamlessly integrated program environment.
Volcano 17.0 & VDARE 17.0 support MVQS2017 w/Occupational Density & Earning Capacity Estimates for all Job matches.
MVQS2017 has Predictive Validity and is empirically based on published scientific research and has been subjected to peer-review.

Important Note: Job Specific information in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, 4th Edition (DOT; US DOL 1977; Revised: 1991) is seriously out of date. The McCroskey 8th Edition Dictionary of Occupational Titles – 2017, (MVQSMcDOT2012) is the updated DOT.

MVQS Programs Price List:
MVQS 2017 (McDOT, McPLOT, MTSP, Volcano & VDARE) Program Package $2,680.00
Volcano 2017 Program Package (Sold Separate from Program Package) $1,415.00
VDARE 2017 Program Package (Sold Separate from
Program Package)
Four 30-hour CEU Training Courses Package $660.00
Year 2017 Price Special (half-off All Program Packages Bundled together:)  $

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