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You need standards for job analysis, and they are provided here. This is a very large PDF. Do not start downloading if you are in a hurry.

Revised Handbook for Analyzing Jobs (RHAJ)

MVQS Critical Variables Handbook for Analyzing Jobs


Evaluation of Vocational Temperaments


 The MVQS Vocational Interest and Personality Reinforcer (VIPR) Job-based Personality Type Indicator and MTSP Jobs-Based Vocational Interest Personality Types Crosswalk to Jung People-Based Personality Types

Year 2014 Validity for McCroskey Transferable Skills (MTS) Analysis and MVQS Social Security Transferable Skills (SSTS) Analysis: Comparing MVQS2014 vs. VDARE vs. Volcano Residual Job Matches and Transferable Skills For a Typical Auto Mech Across 32 Disabilities Relative to All 12,972 DOT-Coded Jobs in the US and the IARPPS 2003 Bill Sample Case in Bexar County, TX